I am drawn to the decorative arts and the design of interior spaces. I am interested in what a painting seeks to make present and how those aspects are in dialogue with its architectural and decorative setting.  I think of my paintings as intended for domestic spaces: reflective of the kinds of collecting and decorating activities that humans use to adorn those spaces.

I grew up visiting period rooms in museums, and have had the opportunity to travel to see artworks in their intended spaces as well as in many museums.  I retain intensely the sense of how a painting functions in a space of worship or a living space, integrated with architecture and d├ęcor, and subject to the light of windows as well as to other sources of light.  I am thinking more consciously about the articulation of space in a painting, relating this to the objects and places we humans inhabit, but also to the illusionistic and contradictory spaces of paintings.  Among other things, these works explore painted spaces, which serve as the frames or precincts for other virtual paintings (within the painting).  They are also like memory palaces, in that they represent the collecting activities that are a mirror of the way the mind stores information to be visited in the form of memory and returned to consciousness.

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